Days of art, artists and Rhythmic Gymnastics …

“Baltic Hoop” surrounds not only the Baltic Sea. Its fame has reached the countries all around the world. Every spring it invites the brightest gymnasts from different countries, the future stars of Europe, Word and Olympics.

“Baltic Hoop” is the first greatest event for many young gymnasts in Latvia, joining the colorful carousel of performances.

“Baltic Hoop” is unique with its creative and highly competent Jury of Artists ─ Marija Brodele, Ilze Dudina, Ludmila Kolomenska, Janis Anmanis, Juris Germanis, Arturs Nikitins, Jazeps Pigoznis, Andrejs Rozenbergs, Aleksandrs Stepanjans, Romens Umans… The presence of their art inspires the personalities of gymnasts to shine more brightly in a new, particular light and to compete for the title of the most elegant gymnast in the Tournament. Every spring this creative collaboration between the artists and gymnasts results in the mutual experience of joy, inspiration and gratification.

I have always dreamt like Gerda in “The Snow Queen” ─ the gates open and there in front of me is a beautiful, breathtaking garden of flowers, and I eagerly want to enter it and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy… This is the special atmosphere, the special feeling which only gymnastics can create….” ─ in these words Ludmila Kachkalda, the founder of the Tournament and the most famous Latvian gymnast, described her vision of this event. The work she has started before twelve years, moved forward by creative spirit of her heart, experience and initiative, has become known in the world. She inspired and fascinated many people with her fervour, improvisation, ideas and dreams. Previous spring in “Baltic Hoop 2011” we showed our sense of gratitude and love to Ludmila’s personality and expressed our will to continue the work she has initiated. And now again time has come to give way to the art of colors, lights, sounds and flowers. And above all ─ art of gymnastics!